The D8 DISCOVER - New Frontiers in the Nano-World / เครื่องวิเคราะห์หาองค์ประกอบของธาตุต่างๆด้วยการใช้เทคนิคการเลี้ยวเบนรังสีเอกซ์  

รหัส : D8 DISCOVER
ยี่ห้อ : Bruker AXS
รุ่น : D8 DISCOVER - New Frontiers in the Nano-World
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The D8 DISCOVER brings innovative Thin Film Solutions from the forefront of research to quality control, product and process development.
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Based on the D8 platform with reliable mechanics and ergonomic design the D8 DISCOVER includes a whole set of unique advantages:

  • Third generation Göbel Mirrors providing the x-ray highest flux density – essential for all thin film applications.
  • The entire system is designed for easy and failsafe operation. Tools like the motorized absorber allow fully automatic operation without user intervetion.
  • High performance optics are selected and exchanged to provide the optimum resolution for each application and sample.
  • Optimal sample handling takes advantage of the new UMC stages as well as different types of Eulerian cradles for e.g. residual stress, texture, micro-diffraction investigations. For x-ray reflectometry on coatings or semiconductors dedicated stages allow even temperature studies.
  • Shortest measurement times are achieved using Ultra GID for nanometer layers and the VANTEC-1 detector for reciprocal space maps.
  • XRD Wizard and XRD Commander support the user in the most intuitive creation of comprehensive measurements; intelligent scripts take care of the routine work. The evaluation programs LEPTOS and MULTEX AREA guarantee that you stay on the forefront of science.

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