Entry Level Titrators  

รหัส : DL
ยี่ห้อ : Mettler Toledo
รุ่น : Entry Level Titrators, DL
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Easy-to-use and compact endpoint and equivalence point titrators for the food, water and chemical industries.
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  G20 Compact Titrator DL22 Food and Beverage Analyzer DL15 Endpoint Titrator
Short description The G20 is especially designed for basic routine applications and can be operated as simple as possible due to the One Click™ user interface. Specialized titrator for the food and beverage industry. It includes the methods most commonly used in these industries, with predefined parameters, making life as easy as possible Endpoint titrator most often used to determine the acid and base content (acidity and alkalinity) or for pH measurements
Languages German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Polish, Korean German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian
Automatic burette recognition yes    
One Click Titration™ Short Cuts 4 (per User)    
Number of burette drives 1 (dose only) 1 1
Plug&Play Sensors yes    
End point titration yes yes (mV/pH, mV polarized) yes (mV/pH/mV polarized), 1 or 2 endpoints
GLP conform printout yes yes yes
Sample changer option Rondolino Rondolino Rondolino
EQP titration yes yes  
Number of predefined Mettler methods >20    
Analysis Acid/ base, Redox
Precipitation (Cl, Br, …), Complexometric, Photometric
Acid/ base, Redox
Precipitation (Cl, Br, …), Complexometric, Photometric
Acid/ base, Redox (EP only)
Stirrer Propeller Stirrer Propeller Stirrer
Internal magnetic stirrer (optional)
Internal magnetic stirrer
Propeller Stirrer (optional)
pH- measurement yes yes yes
Predefined formulas yes yes yes
Learn Titration yes no no
Max. Number of samples per series 120 9 9
Software LabX light titration no no

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